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 Muxía|  655 431 368 |

ACABALODABEIRAMAR is a project where we share paths and experiences with horses through the mountains, beaches, and estuaries of the area.
Here, the horses live in a herd and semi-freedom. We work with them taking into account their nature and way of communicating.
In all the activities we do, we seek learning in people through communication and understanding with the horses, whether it’s on the ground or mounted.


  • Introduction to horses
  • 2-hour route
  • 3-hour route
  • 1-day route
  • Lessons

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 Fisterra |  649 164 520

Sport fishing including all the equipment and bait. We have morning and afternoon schedules (of 3h aprox each session). Speedboat and sailor rental (maximum 4 people). You will also enjoy from dolphin sightseeing to sunrises and sunsets.